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Here's a handy FAQ that we've made to address some common questions and issues. Hopefully you find the answer to your questions here. 

We do not provide phone support for the Burst SMS Extension. If the FAQ does not answer your question and if you are unable to find your issue in the Burst SMS Trouble Shooting Guide  please feel free to send an email to extension@oscillosoft.com.au

Q1. Where do I signup for a Burst SMS account?

Q2. How much is Burst SMS? 

Burst SMS can help increase your work productivity for $10 USD/month/organisation
We offers 10% discount on yearly subscription and it comes  $108 USD only for the whole year.

Q3. What does $10/month provide me? 

The $10USD/month/organisation  is the cost of covering the Burst SMS plugin operating within your Zoho CRM. This is separate from the text pricing.

For the number of texts you are provided you will need to consult with Burst SMS.
Here are some links to their pre-paid pricing options:

Q4. Can I try Burst SMS out before I pay? 

Yes you can! Test out Burst SMS with a  FREE 10-day trial! Sign up and claim your trial now. 

Q5. How do I install Burst SMS? 

Burst SMS is easily accessible from the Zoho marketplace. 
Find out more about installation right here .

Q6. Where are the DLR and Reply URLs in Zoho CRM? 

Burst SMS has been upgraded recently to make installation easier than before. As a result the URLs will no longer be shown in Burst SMS Settings and you do not need to worry about copying them across to Burst SMS.

Q7. What can Burst SMS do? 

You can:
  • Send out automated SMS based on workflows
  • Schedule SMS messages on specific dates and times 
  • Track all SMS history sent to your leads and contacts 
  • Enhance your communication channels

Q8. I've installed Burst SMS but how do I use it?

Find out more on how to use Burst SMS with our easy step-by-step guides.

Q9. Why do I keep getting a fail response "SMS has been bounced due to [object Object]"?

This problem is likely due to phone number formatting. 
Burst SMS requires mobile numbers to be in the International Number Format. 
Take further look at how to solve this issue here .

Q10. What are my SMS character limits?

You don't have 500 character limit when sending from Zoho CRM. However an SMS is regarded as 160 characters so and SMS with a character count greater than 160 will be charged as more than 1 SMS. 

Check out this helpful post on Burst SMS limits. 

Q11. Why isn't my Burst SMS working?

Here are few common issues that might be causing the problem:

1.  Have you made sure that the API Key and Secret match between your Burst SMS Settings in Zoho CRM and 
    your Burst SMS account? 
2. Have you accidentally added an extra space in your Burst SMS API key or secret? 
3. Have you deleted the Modified By field in the Leads/Contacts/Deal modules? 
4. Have you accidentally deleted the SMS template for the sending SMS?
5. Have you set the wrong template in Burst SMS settings for your event reminder?
6. Have you tried clearing your browser cache?  
7.  Are you using a custom mobile field? This plugin only supports the default mobile field used by Zoho. 
8. Is the number not in international format? Please change it to international format if it isn't. 
9. Check out Q15 for "SMS has been bounced due to Field "from" is not a valid sender ID (1-15 digits, 1-11 characters)" error messages

For a more in-depth look into Burst SMS troubleshooting check out our Burst SMS Troubleshooint Guide

Q12. Why isn't Burst SMS Settings saving?

Sometimes the browser affects the Burst SMS settings. Try clearing your browser cache. 
If this doesn't work there is an alternate way to change some of your settings. 

Go to Setup -> Marketplace -> All -> Installed -> Burst SMS -> Configure

You can change your Burst SMS API Key/API Secret/CallerID here. 

Q13. Why am I not getting replies in my Zoho CRM SMS History?

This is likely due to your Burst SMS Caller ID setting that you can find in the Burst SMS Settings. 

You have three options regarding Burst SMS Caller ID:

Option 1: You leave the "Burst SMS Caller ID" blank
If you leave the "Burst SMS Caller ID" blank any SMS's that you send will come from a Shared Number pool that Burst SMS controls. This Shared Number can change between SMS.  Replies to your SMS's will appear as normal in your SMS History.   

Option 2: You enter your assigned Virtual Number
Burst SMS's provide clients with the option of buying a Virtual Number. This number is assigned to your Burst SMS account and all SMS's will be associated with this number and remain static unlike when using a Shared Number. Replies to your SMS's will appear as normal in your SMS history as long as you've entered your Virtual Number in International Mobile Format.

Option 3: You enter anything else
You have entered anything in this field, eg "Oscillosoft". When people receive your SMS's they will see the sender as what you've written into the field, ie "Oscillosoft". When they reply to your SMS in this case however you will not be able to see the replies in the CRM.

Unfortunately, due to a Zoho limitation, if the SMS receiver replies within a 60-second window the reply SMS will not be registered inside the CRM. If you wish to avoid this, use the SMS scheduler to send your SMS at least 1min later. 

Q14. Why am I not getting consistent replies in my Zoho CRM?

If you've set your Burst SMS Caller ID to an option where you can receive replies and still don't receive replies occasionally this is, unfortunately, a limitation within Zoho. 

This limitation is due to records taking about 60 seconds to generate fully. If a replied SMS is sent within this timeframe the replied SMS cannot be linked to your Sent SMS record and will not be displayed. If this is a major issue for you try scheduling your SMS at least 1 min into the future instead. 

Q15. Why am I not getting email notifications on SMS replies?

There are two options within your Burst SMS Settings to determine who receives the email notification on an SMS reply.

If the "Record Owner" option is selected as the user to be notified then if you are not the record owner and are sending SMS's you will not receive an email notification. The record owner will be notified instead. 
If the "Who Has Sent" option is selected then if you are the record order and other users are sending SMS's for you, then you will not receive email notifications. 

Q16. Why am I getti ng "SMS has been bounced due to Field "from" is not a valid sender ID (1-15 digits, 1-11 characters)" bounce status?

You've entered in invalid Burst SMS Caller id out of the allowed ranges indicated. If there's nothing there double check to see if you've left a space in there by accident. 

Please go to your Burst SMS Settings module. It can be found in the top banner or in the dropdown. 

Please ensure that the Burst SMS Caller ID fits the Caller ID limitations if you have one. If you do not wish to use a Burst SMS Caller ID please check that there is no space in the Burst SMS Caller ID field and that it shows the place holder text 'Enter burst SMS caller ID' appears. Then hit 'Save Settings'.

Q17. My Caller ID isn't appearing as how I set it? SMS's are still using random numbers. 

If your country does not use shortcodes for your SMS ID's then please ensure you are following the guidelines for Caller IDs. You can refer to the guidelines listed above in Question 16. 

If your country utilizes shortcodes then unfortunately you will be unable to apply changes to your Caller ID. 

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