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Zoho CRM 2 Moodle User Guide


This article will run you through the steps to using the Zoho CRM 2 Moodle extension.

Creating Moodle Users

  1. Once this extension has been installed into the CRM, two fields will be created in the Contacts Module:
    • Status (Picklist: Pending and Approved).
    • Moodle ID (Number).
  2. The Moodle API URL and Moodle API Key need to be set when you install the Extension.
  3. When a new contact is created with the status 'Approved' in the CRM contact Module, the contacts basic information will be pushed to Moodle with a default Moodle login password: Password1!
  4. When a status has been updated from 'Pending' to 'Approved' in the CRM Contact Module, the contacts' basic information will be pushed to Moodle with a default Moodle login password: Password1!
  5. A Moodle username will be generated with Alphanumeric characters based on the contacts email address (e.g. If an email address is john.smith.2+dev@oscillosoft.com.au the Moodle username will be generated as johnsmith2devoscillosoftcomau)
  6. Each CRM Contact needs to have a unique email address.
  7. If a duplicate email address is found or an email fails to be pushed, a note will be created in CRM Contacts Note. See below: 


We have demonstrated the steps to use this extension. If you have any questions about this extension or would like to know more, please send a ticket to extension@oscillosoft.com.au
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