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Installation Guide - Zoho CRM 2 Moodle (Advanced)

1. Installing the Extension

You can go to Zoho Marketplace to install the extension, or log in to your Zoho CRM account to install.

To install the extension

1.1 Click Setup > Marketplace > Extensions > All.
     All the installed extensions are listed. Under All Marketplace you can view all the extensions supported in CRM.

1.2 Click All Extensions, browse and click Zoho CRM 2 Moodle (Advanced).
      The details about the extension will be available.

1.3 Click Install.

1.4 In the following screen, check the Allow Marketplace vendors to contact me regarding product offers and promotions and click Install.

1.5 Check to agree on the Terms of Service and click Continue to Install.

1.6 Choose Users/Profiles and click Confirm

1.7 Then take a 10-day free trial or take a $25 monthly payment.

1.8 Once installation completes, click Settings to get into the Moodle Settings and Moodle Field Mapping page.

1.9 Moodle Settings tab will auto active while redirecting. From there you will get the below:

Moodle API URL: e.g: https://yourmoodledomain/webservice/rest/server.php (http or https depends on your moodle application server)


2 How to get Moodle API Key

To get Moodle API Key please follow the instruction steps below:

Login to your Moodle site as Administrator

Check is it Enabled the Web service 

  • Go to Site administration > Plugins > Web services > Overview

- Create a new External service.

2.3.1 Go to Site administration > Plugins > Web services > External Services

2.3.2 Add new External Service


    2.3.       2.3.2 After click Add service it will redirected to Add Functions to that Service

    2.3.       2.3.3 Click to ‘Add Functions’


    2.3.         2.3.4  It will open a form for adding functions.

        2.3.5  Choose the following functions: 















    2.3.                 2.3.6 And click ‘Add Function’


    Check, is it Enabled REST Protocol

    • Go to Site administration > Plugins > Web services > Manage protocols


    2.5 Add Token

    • Go to Site administration > Plugins > Web services > Manage tokens
    • Choose Admin User, 
    • Select Service that you created as an example, new  ‘OSC CRM to Moodle’.
    • Click ‘Save changes’


    • And save it will list the Token
    • Copy the token and place into Extension Settings field “Moodle API Key”


    2.6 Select Moodle Field Mapping tab to map CRM fields with Moodle fields. There, map the following:

    ·         Zoho CRM Contact module fields with User of moodle fields and click Save Field Mapping button.

    ·         Zoho CRM Deal module fields with Moodle Enrolment fields  and click Save Field Mapping button.

    ·         Zoho CRM Product module fields with Moodle Course fields and click Save Field Mapping button.

    3 Uninstall Zoho CRM 2 Moodle (Advanced)

    You can uninstall the Lead to Vendor extension whenever you wish to. Remember that deleting this extension will delete all its associated data.


    To uninstall Zoho CRM 2 Moodle (Advanced)

    3.1 Click Setup > Marketplace > All.
    All the installed extensions are listed. Under All Marketplace you can view all the extensions supported in CRM.

    3.2 Browse for Zoho CRM 2 Moodle (Advanced) Extension and click the corresponding Uninstall link.

    3.2 Click OK to confirm.
    The extension will be uninstalled.


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