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Syncing issues with Zoho CRM to Xero extension

Syncing with Zoho CRM to Xero extension


From this point, we are assuming you have set up your Zoho CRM to Xero extension. If you haven't, you can easily set up by following this guide here

Now that you've set up your Zoho CRM to Xero extension we can begin syncing your records. There are actually two ways you can sync your records, through Zoho CRM itself and through our 'Zoho CRM to Xero' extension portal. 

Here's the link to Oscillosoft's portal.

Syncing through the Zoho CRM to Xero extension portal

The portal is the best way to sync all your records in mass. When using the portal you have two methods of syncing, automated and manual. To access the Synchronization panel click the 'Synchronization' option in the sidebar.  

The syncing process will not apply to all records from the beginning of time. Syncing will only apply to records that have been recently created/updated. In order to bring older records into the syncing process, you will need to update the older records you wish to bring in. 

Manual Synchronization

1. Pick the modules that you wish to sync using the checkbox.
2. Select what sync mode you want to execute.
       Xero to CRM: For that module, make a synced record in CRM for each Xero record.
       CRM to Xero: For that module, make a synced record in Xero for each CRM record.
       Both Way: Do both of the above.
3. Select which relevant records time-wise you wish to sync. 
       After the last synchronization ran: Sync all records that have been modified since the last synchronization.
       Before (X) day(s) til now: Sync all records that have been modified in the previous (X) days, older records will not sync. 
4. Select if you want the chosen email address to create a notification. (Email address found in  Setup->Webservice Settings-> Notification Email)
5. Once you're happy with the sync selection click 'Sync Now' to complete your manual sync. 

In these few easy steps, you can sync your desired records anytime you want. 

Automatic Synchronization

1.  Select whether you wish the auto-scheduler to run. 
2. Select how many times you wish for the auto-scheduler to run in a day and
3. Select what time it should run.
4. Select the modules that will be synced on each auto-scheduled sync. 
5. Select the type of Sync Mode that you wish to execute on these modules.
6. Select the sync to run on all modified records after the previous synchronization.
7. Select if the notification email should receive a notification on auto-scheduled syncs.
8. Once you're happy with your auto-scheduled synchronization select 'Save Auto Sync Settings'. 

Syncing invoice records in Zoho CRM

While the portal is a very useful tool for syncing we realize that perhaps you don't want to login to the portal just to sync, especially if there's only one record that you need to sync. That's why we've provided you with an option to sync records from within Zoho CRM.

On your invoice record simply click the 'Sync to Xero' button in the top right corner to start the syncing process for that record. If you cannot see the 'Sync to Xero' option-click the drop-down arrow in the highlighted section for more actions. 

Once you've synced the record the 'xero2zoho Application' section will now be updated with the following. Please be mindful if Add to Xero is not checked somehow the record will not sync.

Here's an explanation on what these fields mean:

Add to Xero
A checkbox to indicate to the extension that this record should be synced between Xero/Zoho
Xero ID 
The unique ID code that Xero uses to identify the record 
Xero Invoice No.
The invoice number used by Xero 
Xero Invoice URL
This link directly links to the relevant record in Xero
Branding Theme
The theme that the invoice will use 


Congratulations, you've now set up your Zoho CRM to Xero extension and synchronized your records between them. Enjoy the boost to your business's productivity! 

If you have any other questions we'll be happy to answer them, simply send an email to

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