Zoho2Xero Invoice number handleing

How Zoho and Xero handles auto Invoice number

Auto Invoice number rules between Zoho n Xero Plugin

Each application has its own set of rules in regards to the "auto invoice number" field.

On creating a new invoice Zoho creates the invoice number incrementally. This can not be changed or amended once saved. You can change the prefix or structure from >settings see https://help.zoho.com/portal/kb/articles/how-to-create-an-auto-number-field. As long as you create the invoice in Zoho first then it will sync the invoice number in Xero Invoice number field. Xero is more relaxed when it comes to Invoice number as you can change it even after creating it. 

If you create the invoice in Xero then sync to Zoho then you will have two Invoice numbers in your CRM record as Xero Invoice number cannot be inserted in Zoho Invoice ID. To handle this exception we keep both invoice number from both applications. 

1. One from Zoho CRM as seen below

> One from Xero as seen on the screenshot below:
Xero Number stored inside Zoho CRM - Invoice module

If you wish to keep the invoice number in sequence then the best process is to create the invoice in CRM first then sync it to Xero. Otherwise, you will have two different invoices either can be searched and found in CRM. 

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